Monday, December 3, 2012

X'mas Promo

Dear Torco  Oil Fans,

X'mas is drawing nearby,  this is a big discount promo for those who start ordering now.

SR5 x 4 bottles = S$117
SR5 x 5 bottles = S$147
(SR5 x 4 bottles) + (MPZ x 1) = S$153
(SR5 x 5 bottles) + (MPZ x 1) = S$183 

Return customer will get the discount as high as 10%!

This promo will last till the end of 31st Dec 2012.

Start emailing me at djosho at gmail dot com now.

Self collection only at Jalan Teck Whye.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Still selling, not to worry

Fret not, Boon is still selling the Torco Engine Oil until I announce on this blog.

Should there be inquiry regarding bulk purchases on SR5, please drop me an email djosho [at] gmail [dot] com

Keep the Torco community grows.


Sunday, September 2, 2012

Stay tuned for the promotion

Stay tuned for the promotion coming real soon.

So long as there are a total of 10 carton and above orders, great discount will be given! If not, normal discount price applies.

Thank you for the support.

Pricing stay as posted before in this blog.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Torco Engine Oil

Trust the ultimate engine oil - Torco Engine Oil

Torco Racing SR1 5w-40 / 10w-40 engine oil (1 litre/1.056 qts bottle)
= 4 bottles for S$92 (4 litres)
= 5 bottles for S$115 (5 litres)

Torco Racing SR5 5w-30 / 5w-40 engine oil (1 litre/1.056 qts bottle)
= 4 bottles for S$124 (4 litres)
= 5 bottles for S$155 (5 litres)

Torco Racing MPZ Magnetic Friction Reducer (12oz/355 ml bottle)

Package with TORCO engine oil : S$38.00 (1 bottle per package of 4 or 5 bottles of TORCO engine oil)
Purchase separately without buying TORCO engine oil : S$42.00

Interested parties can drop me an email or SMS.

djosho [at] gmail [dot] com

Self collection only.
Free delivery if you buy a box (12 EO) or more.

(Bulk purchase welcome)

- Watch out for promotion